Things to know before applying

We're focused on pediatric support, so as a result, We do not assist with any cases with a diagnosis other than childhood cancer.
Patients diagnosed at the age 21. 

Our Validation Process

Applications must be submitted by a social worker from the facility where the child is being treated.


(If you are a parent or family member please contact the child’s social worker to submit an application on their behalf.)

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Our Communication Policy

Applications must be submitted online at  Applications won’t be accepted by fax or phone.

Distribution of Funds

Funds won’t be distributed directly to the family. Invoices will be paid directly to the provider.

i.e. landlord, electric company, bank, etc. with proper accompanying invoice/receipt.

After the family has reached the maximum available funds, they will only be re-eligible for assistance 12 months after their last request. 

Please provide a minimum of 30 days before due dates ensure payments are processed in a timely manner. 

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Getting Help with Bills

If a family is asking for assistance with bills, a clear copy of the statement must be uploaded and sent to our email address at  


The bill must clearly show:

  • The company’s name

  • Account holder’s name

  • Full account number

  • Amount due

  • Bill due date

  • Phone number to call to make a payment

  • Company mailing address

  • Account holder’s date of birth

  • Last 4 digits of account holder’s social

We meet the criteria and understand our process.