Contribute to a Cure

100% of your donation supports cancer research and suffering children and families. We desperately need more research on Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a rare and life-threatening cancer that mainly affects children and for which current treatments are often ineffective. We keep expenses to a minimum so every dollar you give makes a difference.

Supporting Research

The Daniela Conte Foundation will support the scientific research on Rhabdomyosarcoma at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and cc-TDI. Both are a not-for-profit research and education institutions that share the Foundation's commitment to finding a cure. 

Helping Families


The Daniela Conte Foundation provides financial assistance to families of children with cancer when insurance is not enough and they are unable to meet the high cost of care.

A $50 donation pays for one way transportation to the hospital or home from school for a sibling of a sick child.

A $100 donation pays for basic groceries for a family whose dollars are spent on treatment, leaving no budget for food.

A $250 donation helps pay for an iPad so family members can FaceTime with a sick child that can’t be at home.

A $500 donation pays for 1-2 hours of research with the top Oncology professionals in our country.






A $25 donation pays for one hour of babysitting and allows mom and dad to take their child for chemotherapy while the healthy child remains at home.

To make a credit card donation for an amount of your choice
or for a specific amount of $10, $25 or $50, just click on the Purple "DONATE NOW" button.

Want to donate by mail? No problem!

Donations can be made by mail by sending your check to:

Daniela Conte Foundation
C/O Katia Conte
64 Randolph Dr
Dix Hills, NY 11746

Please make checks payable to Daniela Conte Foundation, Inc.