Get Involved

The Daniela Conte Foundation is always seeking goodwill ambassadors to help us raise awareness and funds for our work.
There are many ways to get involved – each is vital to our success:

  • Make a Referral

  • Be an DCF Ambassador – Are you a ‘connector’ of good people to other good people? Daniela Conte Foundation needs your help to meet people of all walks of life who may be interested in making a positive impact on our work.

  • Be a Volunteer – Volunteers help at events, prepare care packages for families, create awareness of our work and much more! For volunteer opportunities available, contact:

  • Organize an event – You may have a fantastic idea for an event and new people to introduce to Daniela Conte Foundation. We are very grateful for events held to benefit our work!

  • Donate - Every gift to the Daniela Conte Foundation is tax-deductible and very appreciated. Our donors are wonderful people, like you, whose support is the lifeblood of all we do.

  • Social Media Ambassador – Use your social media powers for good and join the Daniela Conte as a Social Media Ambassador! Simply like, comment and most importantly share our posts on Facebook and Instagram.